Industries And Services


KRM TECHNIC offers global sourcing and supplier selection to help brands, retailers and suppliers across a wide range of industries.

The safety, quality and reputation of your products relies on your choice of partners in the supply chain. KRM TECHNIC offers the next generation in global sourcing, with programmes and tools to help brands, retailers and suppliers better manage reputational risk, save costs, measure performance, communicate results and improve compliance performance against industry benchmarks.

We can provide buyers with access to comprehensive sourcing information about participating suppliers, such as company profiles, capabilities, quality compliance and reputational risk issues associated with social, environmental and security programmes, while allowing suppliers to showcase their capabilities using an innovative profile system.

KRM TECHNIC also offers a series of risk-based assessment tools and audit solutions to assess and benchmark suppliers. The assessments measure business risk, capacity and capabilities, workplace conditions, product quality and safety, security and environmental sustainability.

In almost every industry imaginable, our consultancy services can halt issues before they become problems, provide innovative solutions to complex issues, suggest processes and procedures for optimised efficiency, and are proactive in helping to manage and assess risks and hazards.